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photos taken at my place over the past several years

My Snapshot readers will already know that Aireys Inlet, Australia, is home to a large number of wildlife species: kangaroos, wallabies, possums, echidnas, wombats and interesting reptiles. In addition, koalas, platypus and emus are found in the Great Otway National Park, which directly adjoins our property. …

homosexuality in animals

Source: Shutterstock

Homosexuality in Over 450 Animals

Before looking at the question of whether the Lion, so-called King of Beasts, ever engages in what humans call LGBTQIA+ practices, let’s briefly consider the question more generally with regard to various animal species.

Over recent decades, biologists and ecologists have documented the widespread occurrence of homosexuality in the animal…

Thanks for your interesting comments on the Australian Manna Gum (viminalis). For purposes of comparison, we planted a number of Eucalypts on our Bush Block a little over 40 years ago, including two viminalis neither of which reached more than about about 20 meters or less.

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