I certainly agree with this point but it is also important to keep in mind that fully understanding a person does not necessarily entail approval or even respect.

I had a friend once who confessed to me that he was a pedophile saying he felt no physical attraction whatever for adult men or women but was highly attracted to young people of, say, 12 to 15. Furthermore, he did not believe that pedophilia was necessarily and always harmful to the child involved. At first I was angry and shocked at the whole business.

In the end I did come to respect his actions which were a) to refrain from sexual activity altogether, b) to quit his job as a high school teacher (more I think to protect himself than to protect his students), and c) to go into some form of psycho therapy to see if anything could be done about this orientation.

This enabled me to respect him as a human being, while not respecting pedophilia as such.

The important issues you raise in this post are really incredibly complex and require much more discussion.

Words and Pictures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.