‘Prairie Death Tales’ Fiction Project

a collection of short and long fiction

David Wade Chambers


by Courtland Wade*

Oklahoma turns on one of its special moments. Photo by Mark Mascilli.

Table of Contents

I Authors’ Bios II. Introduction to Prairie Death Tales
III. Links to P.D.T. Works of Fiction (in progress)
IV. Ongoing Cast of Characters (in progress)
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I. Authors’ Bios

Courtland Wade is a collaborative pen name for the two authors, Court Atchinson and David Wade Chambers. In writing these serious stories we also enjoyed a laugh or two — hope it also works for you at both levels.

Court “Corndog” Atchinson, a.k.a, ‘luckiest guy on earth’

wordsmith/gourmet chef/oenophile/raconteur/stud muffin/

An arthritic Boomer dwelling on the parched plains of Darkest Oklahoma (state motto: Love Guns/Hate Queers!). Compulsive writer by age three since which time he has sold a number of short stories, produced three volumes of family history and completed a solo novel set to appear later this year. He writes on a quaint device which Shakespeare called a “typpe-writer”. His wife, Vivian, after staying married to him for 47 years, is widely regarded as a saint. Astrological sign: Vertigo.

David “Wade” Chambers, a.k.a. ‘livin’ the dream, bro,’

scribbler/gardener/yarn spinner/sometime pot smoker during his Vedic period

PhD graduate of Harvard and the Dallas County Jail…



David Wade Chambers

Words and Pictures. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Not far off 86 and heading for Nirvana. (Too shabby for Heaven but not wicked enough for Hell.)