Thanks for that clarification. For me, thinking about Jesus and his remarkable achievements has little to do with Black Holes. In fact, for me the idea that there is something of God in Jesus comes from the truly wondrous advances his thinking exhibits over the barbaric tribal moralities as depicted most especially in Leviticus. Those Iron Age desert clans of the Hebrew scriptures provide a murderous context, hateful in the extreme when the attempt is made to impose those primitive norms on modern civilizations.

Yet this is, more than any other one thing, the purely evil agenda of Christian Evangelicals. Jesus spoke of little but love and kindness; the Evangelical movement spouts little but hate. Talk about money changers in the temple!

Sorry to rail on like that. I guess my larger point is that the true message of Jesus is much needed in countering the dire influence in modern society of those “moneychangers”. Somehow, Black Holes are probably best left to their own devices.

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PhD SM Harvard — words and pictures

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