Indigenous and European Ways of Knowing Nature in Australia

Six Online Exhibits

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by Helen Watson Verran (prepared with the Ganma Research Project at Yirrkala*) and David Wade Chambers (prepared with the Imagining Nature Textbook Unit at Deakin University*)


Original Online Preface of Singing the Land, Signing the Land

Original Online Introduction

Current Text of Exhibit 1, Ganma: A Confluence of Rivers

Exhibit 1: Ganma-A Confluence of Rivers

More to Come: Watch for Exhibit 2, Talking of the World: A Frame Up Job

Watch for the publication of all six exhibits of Singing the Land, Signing the Land.

*Contributors to the Ganma Research Project at Yirrkala: Daymbalip Munuŋgurr, Djamika Munuŋgurr, Gulumbu Yunupiŋu, Galarrwuy Yunupiŋu, Dųla Ŋurruwutthun, Dayŋawa Ŋurruwutthun, Mathulu Munyarryun, Walanybuma Wunuŋmurra, Mandawuy Yunupiŋu, Yalmay Yunupiŋu,
Raymatja Marika-Munuŋgiritj, Badaŋthun Munyarryun, Kathryn McMahon,
Dhumudal Bromot, Wurrthalminy Maymuru, Leon White, Greg Wearne,
Trevor Stockly, Helen Watson Verran, Stephen Kemmis.

*Contributors to the Imagining Nature Textbook Project at Deakin University and the Institute of American Indian Arts: David Wade Chambers, David Turnbull, Laurie Whitt, Helen Watson Verran, Barry Butcher, Dave Warren.

Originally published by Deakin University Press, Geelong Victoria 3217
First published 1989. Reprint 1993. First Web Reprint 2008, Second Web Reprint 2020.

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Watson Verran, Helen, 1945 -
Chambers, David Wade, 1938 -

Singing the land, signing the land.

ISBN 0 7300 0696 4



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